Custom Wigs: 2014

For anyone who follows my custom wig blog, you may have noticed that the usual monthly entry came to a hairied halt after December 2013. What happened? Wellllllll, right after the holidays, we produced the second annual 12th Night Parade and Ball, then it was Mardi Gras, then SXSW, and all the while, we were bringing our building up to code and hosting 43 Wig Parties! Pheeeeeeeeew!  Instead of digging through the archives to make up the months, I’ve decided to share some choice photos from 2014; events, costumes, headdresses and WIGS!

Here we go!


Year of the Horse, Chinese New Year, inspired this petit chapeau…

IMG_6617Peachy Punk Rock-oco wig designed for “Rock Me Amadeus” party

IMG_6770Valentine’s Day Heartthrob Wig

IMG_7098Periwinkle Mohawk!

IMG_7057Angeliska spotted wearing our peach Paige wig at the Eris Parade!

IMG_7155Here I am at the Box of Wine parade later that day; just can’t get enough of the peach Paige!

IMG_7230Shari as a pastel Isis on Mardi Gras day (that’s the Dx Cleo in white)!

IMG_7229Yours Truly on Mardi Gras Day (wearing the Nida in lavender)

IMG_7227Miss Fiona rocking her tinsel wig; another pastel Egyptian (are you sensing a theme here?)

IMG_7289Met this doll during SX. Hanna’s her name and @dressupbox is her Instagram fame! She paints her face everyday~ and is looking especially lovely in our Xanadu wig in pink!

IMG_7489I made this rainbow headdress for Gay/Bi/Gay/Gay (the final Sunday of SXSW). Another chilly day! Luckily, my Mazzy in dark blue, helped keep me warm…

IMG_7479Fiona in our Rainbow Brite wig!

IMG_7500Bonus looking extra boss in our blonde Elvez wig!

IMG_7614Another cold and rainy parade day! The weather has started influencing my headgear, as you can see…

IMG_6849And I’d like to end on this note: possibly my most favorite wig that I’ve made to date! Marine Antoinette!

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